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About Us

We are an AV rated law firm of experienced attorneys dedicated to the mortgage industry. We assist our clients with all of their legal needs–from corporate formation, to licensing and compliance obligations under federal and state law and to smart, aggressive advocacy when things go wrong. In a rapidly changing market place, experienced attorneys who have been there before are your best, legal asset.


Over 40 years of combined real estate and business experience allows us to provide the highest quality representation to mortgage companies in an efficient and economical fashion. We know the complexities of your business and can assist in navigating through the following areas of practice.

Areas of Practice

Regulatory Compliance

  • Counseling 

    • Federal Consumer Financial Law ​

      • RESPA/Reg. X ​

      • TILA/Reg. Z 

      • ECOA/Reg. B 

      • HUD-FHA 

      • HMDA/Reg. C 

      • Privacy 

      • BSA/AML 

  • Licensing 

    • California Residential Mortgage Lending Act ​

    • California Financing Law 

    • California Real Estate Law 

  • HUD/FHA 

    • Application and Eligibility ​

    • Post-Approval Operations ​​

  • Examination and Audit Defense 

    • CFPB ​

    • DFPI 

    • DRE 

Signing Contract


  • Employment and Compensation Agreements

  • Entity Formation 

  • Business Modeling and Start-Up Counseling 

  • Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation 

    • Warehouse Facilities

    • Mortgage Servicing Rights 

    • Mortgage Loan Purchase 

    • Vendors 

  • Affiliated Business Arrangements 

  • Marketing Services Agreements 

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

Law Firm

Government Investigations & Enforcement 

  • CFPB examinations and investigations (CIDs) 

  • DFPI audits and accusations 

  • DRE accusations 

    • Property Managers ​

    • Loan Originators 

    • Real Estate Licensees 

  • HUD Mortgagee Review Board​



  • Federal and State Defense of Mortgage Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Originators and Property Managers 

  • Repurchase and Indemnification Defense 

  • General Business Disputes 

  • Employment Law Defense  

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